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I found a great set of writing prompt sites. Now I just need to remember where I bookmarked them, because it sure as hell isn't obvious, and hooo, boy, am I behind on my personal goal of 200 000 words. Probably would have gone crazy trying to get to 350 000.

So, I'm on Twitter again, and already, I've managed to attract attention. Ryan Robbins needs to stick his generalizations, using the word "you," regarding Charlie Sheen, up what I'm sure is a very nice ass. I saw that he later tried to explain the "you" thing, and I was halfway through writing a response about that's why you don't use "you" in the first place, unless you have a literal you (singular or plural) in mind. Otherwise, you kind of paddle up a creek and then lose the paddle in some murky water.

Right, so halfway through writing this response, I realized I didn't want to get into this *again* (fuck you hard, former English teacher and your cronies), and I hardly wanted to attract any kind of wrath from RyRo. Instead, I just unfollowed him, putting a message about how generalization makes me lose respect for people (putting it lightly), listed him and former English teacher and his cronies, implied I could write a fucking dissertation on what the hell is wrong with what they're doing, and left it at that.

Seems I was noticed anyway. Okay, RyRo, I'll always be your angry unfollower, and you can be the actor that I can't *not* find cool for mentioning me, but not mentioning me by name, in case hordes of your fans came and shat on me. Should I run into you on the street, it's high fives all around.

I have a whole 4 followers from before, and they're the ones that don't drive me up the wall, nor have to mention [name redacted] as their BFF every three frigging seconds. It's certainly calmer. Also, the cats are following me. Yes, I tweet as my cats. Why not? It's like... getting your head around a character. The character happens to be one of my pet cats, but why not?

I'm almost ready to go back to LJ (uh, the other one). I figure I should see my psychiatrist first (appointment tomorrow), but emotionally, I'm nearly there. God. I never knew going to a convention would be my whole mental undoing, but there you go. Meet Amanda Tapping, but otherwise go completely insane? Worth it. I think.

I'm puppysitting today. Guggie is behaving so much better than he has over the last few weeks. I mean, there's still the issue with the sticks, but that's okay. We went for a long walk this morning. In the rain. Of course, I look outside and it's sunny now. Ridiculous.

People are working in/around my sister's building again, and I can hear everything, including all the swearing, quite well. At least it's not zombies in the walls this time, or that guy in the elevator with the heist.

Let's see. I'm meeting Ruy after I get off work, to bring him dinner at his work, because he has to work late (the deadlines they impose are absolutely ridiculous).

I need to find time for a nap.

On the weekend, we tried out the cat harness/leash on Pegasus, so she could check out a bit of the outside world. I think it became a little too real for her, so she went and hid under one of the deck chairs. Then she kept going and hiding under my desk, which is unusual for her, because Pegasus is always all IN YOUR FACE. When I took the harness off later, she came and snuggled up on my chest. In most ways, she is still such a kitten. She's forever getting stuck in places that she could probably get out of easily - inside the storage room, on top of the freezer, at the bottom of the stairs... But she'll make these pathetic meowing sounds that mean someone has to go and rescue her. Usually, me. When last I rescued her off the freezer, she stretched her paws up onto my shoulder, and licked my ear. Like a child, she knows how to tell me she wants up, and really, who am I to deny her? I'm still going to be doing this when she's Tessa's age, I just know it.

She and Tessa are getting along better, and mostly they just squabble over the coveted place on the back of the couch, which is traditionally Tessa's. There's much mutual grooming, and Pegasus is nearly through the phase where she has to take flying leaps off of things and onto Tessa and then attempt to ride her around. Nearly.

Pegasus meows like a human child cries. It's uncanny. She can really wail away when she wants something. It's hard to believe that the tiny black kitten I brought home last December is now a long, lanky cat.

Tessa deals with everything admirably. I'm told that while she seeks some comfort from my parents when I'm not there, I'm definitely her human. I'm actually glad that Pegasus is there with her when I'm not there, because I think it makes her feel less lonely, even if Peggles can sometimes be quite the pain in the ass. Still, like her mother, she doesn't like being away from her parents for too long. Gives her the anxieties and such. My poor girl. I wish she could use Skype.

Word Count: 920
Word Count to Date: 38867
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