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What industry ushered you into the workforce?

Oh, because I've been looking forward to answering *this* one. Except, no, not really.

The answer is either newspaper delivery, or food/retail.

When I was younger, my brother delivered the local paper. I took over from time to time when he was unavailable. When he finally grew out of it and went out to find a real job, I begged and pleaded to be able to take over my brother's route.

Out of this, I can at least say that I got fantastic leg muscles. Also, newspaper ink stained hands. Probably permanently. I'm pretty sure it's still there.

The worst days were the ones when it rained, and I had to slosh through puddles to deliver things, hoping I'd end up at the door with something that wasn't just a rain-soaked mess. Oh, and the days they had extra inserts for the newspapers. Because, inevitably, at least 3 times on the route, a newspaper would completely self-destruct, spilling all of its innards all over the sidewalk. I also got attacked by a dog once, which made me permanently wary of ever returning to that house.

By the time I gave up the route, my dad was delivering them for me. I had dislocated me knee, and hadn't really recovered. It didn't seem worthwhile to keep it at that point. Also, the pay was horrendous.

I also needed to give up that job, because I had to take on work experience before Grade 12, and somehow, delivering newspapers didn't count as valuable work experience.

Thus, my second job began, as a volunteer for a charity thrift store. I carried on for much longer than I needed to for the work experience, but I don't think I could truly say I was sad to see the end of that job. Especially when I ran into my Calculus teacher at the thrift store. I think I quit pretty soon after that.

Third job began the summer after first year, in a bread store/deli. I was constantly at loggerheads with my boss, didn't get along with the other owner, but was the most efficient (and trustworthy!) employee they had. Which isn't saying much. However, I gained all sorts of "valuable deli skills."

Which led into my fourth job, the summer after second year, when I put my "valuable deli skills" to work in the Safeway deli, and decided at roughly that point that I never, ever wanted to work a job where I spent so much time serving customers and seeing the public in general, ever again.

All jobs after that have been contracting work in the technical writing and editing field, which, thank goodness, is at least the field I want to get into.

What's your favourite live music venue?

What a terrifically boring question. Outdoors, I suppose. I like listening to music outdoors. From the open air concert we did back when I was in choir in Grade 6 or 7, to seeing Great Big Sea at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park, at least twice. I mean, there's room to dance (which I did, with abundance, the second time I saw Great Big Sea at Malkin Bowl), and you just know that everybody else in Stanley Park is totally jealous of your listening experience, though you know they can hear it as well (as evidenced at our fangirl picnic last summer).

Okay, it's time for some new prompts, and this time, I'm not doing any really sucky ones. Just ones that look, at first glance, like I'm not going to die of boredom reading it.

Okay, so the next set of prompts (also courtesy of, my username there is octarinepudding):

1. What famous buildings do you find most beautiful? Have you seen any of these in person?

2. Describe any wardrobe changes you make when you get home from work, school, or your other day activities.

3. Name three songs you'd put on a road trip mix tape.

4. When did you realize you were an adult? Was it the credit card debt or the armpit hair? Maybe the AARP membership letters? (If you're not there yet, how do you think you'll know?)

5. Pick a wild animal to keep as a pet. Describe life with your new pet. Think about its impact on your lifestyle, relationships and rug.

6. Describe the coolest thing you've seen in another country.
First, what was it? (Don't get out much? What would you like to see?)
In which city & country is it?

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Word Count to Date: 48398
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