Jan. 2nd, 2011

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Would you believe I dragged myself, still peacefully half-asleep, out of my bed at nearly half past three in the morning, purely for the allure of getting to work on my second day's writing? No? Me neither. Really, I just couldn't sleep. Snoring fiancé, and warm purring kitty snuggled up to me aside, sleep is elusive.

Because it's half past three, the cats are fully awake, and ready for a night of running around and getting all that work done before going back to bed for another eighteen hours. Not only are they awake, but the kitten is sticking her head into my cup of water as if she hopes I'm going to share, and the cat is growling at the kitten, because the kitten is invading her space.

Through a shaggy mop of messy, dyed blonde hair, I stare at these two felines and wonder if they will ever truly get along.

Tessa, our eldest cat, usually occupies a perch on the cat tree, watching us work. Pegasus, our barely 3-month old kitten naps in the cat bed set up on top of the scanner that I don't think we've used in the entire time we've owned it. For that matter, I'm not entirely sure that the scanner belongs to us. We ended up with it anyway, and now it occupies space. How I long for it to get "lost in the move" when I start packing, and ruthlessly throwing away the stuff we can do without.

Tessa's not exactly a bully, though I'm certain she's trying. If Pegasus is in the cat bed, Tessa wants in. Never mind that Tessa has never wanted to sleep in a cat bed in her entire life; if Pegasus wants to be there, then Tessa's climbing in and taking a nap. If Pegasus is in the cat tree, Tessa wants her spot back. Never mind that there's three levels to the tree, or that Tessa isn't even tired. If Pegasus is attempting to take over something, anything, regardless of Tessa's previous lack of interest, Tessa's ready and waiting to claim it. It's not like Pegasus much cares, however. All that's in her mind is play, play, play, nap. Tessa growling like a small rumbling car doesn't deter anything she does. Life's still a game to Pegasus.

Case in point, it doesn't matter how many times Tessa hisses at her and swats her away, Pegasus' interest in catching Tessa's tail is unmatched by anything else. She will catch that elusive bugger of a tail, regardless of how Tessa feels about it. Honestly, I can't see why Tessa complains; half the time, she treats her tail like she's never seen the thing before anyway.

I've seen some evidence that Tessa doesn't actually *hate* Pegasus. They share food, food bowls, water, water containers, litter boxes, beds, toys, blankets, and so on. Tessa doesn't bar Pegasus from eating or drinking, so long as it's not while Tessa herself is trying to eat. Occasionally, Tessa *is* up for a game of Chase. It's rare, but it happens. And more and more often, I come into a room to find them curled up not 6 feet from each other. It's not exactly cuddling, but it's not eating one another, either.

Pegasus is young and full of boundless energy. Tessa is getting older and, like her mother, is more interested in napping. She wants to sleep, not be pounced on by an eager child. I can attest to the annoyance of this, as Pegasus has spent the last two early mornings pouncing repeatedly onto our bed, and trying to eat and/or claw any body part moving beneath the blanket. Personally, I think Tessa should be glad that Pegasus is only trying to catch her tail, and not chew off her fingers, like Pegasus is doing to me.

I get it, it's a bonding exercise. Fingers are the closest things to teats a human has, except for the actual nipples, but unlike on a mother cat, a human's nipples are generally inaccessible, and, ew, that would be weird. The point is, because fingers are like nipples, Pegasus suckles and bites on them. Like she thinks I'm her mother. That's adorable and sweet and everything, but damn if my fingers don't hurt a hell of a lot after being gnawed on by an eager kitten. I'm happy Pegasus thinks I'm her mother, I just wish it was a little less painful.

They have both left the room now, despite their initial interest in being in here, fighting over the water cup, hanging out with mommy, and making sure to lay right on the keyboard so that she can't type. If I get up now, I'm almost certain I'll find Tessa napping on the bed or in the closet, and Pegasus doing something odd. And I mean more odd than chasing my stuffed animals down the hallway. I would wager that if someone has left the toilet lid open, she's either fallen in, or is about to drink from it. I wish she wouldn't. Nothing good ever comes out of a toilet.

Before Pegasus, I'd never met a cat who was so unphased by water before. Between the recreational sink napping, and the more than occasional toilet hopping, she's already calmly had her first bath, and flopped down on the edge of the bathtub while we were in it, batting at the water. I always assumed it was just in a cat's nature to hate water, but Pegasus just seems so *open* to the idea. And Tessa? Well, Tessa's set in her ways, and doesn't much like bathing, but at least she recognizes occasionally that sometimes she doesn't have a choice in the matter. That, of course, does not stop her from voicing her opinion on the matter. Loudly, in the form of yowling.

Would it be too much to ask to go into the bedroom and find them both sleeping on the bed? Yes, probably. But I do approach the situation optimistically. Someday, when Pegasus has grown up a little, and Tessa's tail stops being so delightful, they will work things out. Until then, all I ask for is a little less hissing and swatting, and a little more cooperation.

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