Jan. 3rd, 2011

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Sure, just as I sit down to start writing this, the kitten decides it's time to leap up onto my chest and sling her paws over my shoulder. So she doesn't fall, I'm holding her up with one hand, which leaves me with one hand to type with. I could be here all night.

I wasn't aiming for another stream of consciousness post, but words are words, fictional or not, so here we are. Do I think I could do this for the next 350 some-odd days? I'd say no, but my ability to bullshit 2000 words about nothing is actually pretty astounding. However, this was supposed to be a year about challenging myself, so eventually I'm going to have to stray from standard fare.

Having readjusted, I'm back to two hands. I wouldn't say I'm any closer to having anything worthwhile to say. I can only complain for so long about the rusty dagger in my stomach that won't go away for love nor money. I would have hoped that the Tylenol would have done something, and if not the Tylenol, then at least the Dilaudid. So far, I have nothing. Nothing but the horrible nauseating feeling in my stomach, the constant pain that I can no longer ignore, and the feeling that if I don't go back to bed soon, I may not like what tomorrow brings.

I suppose I brought this on myself. I needed to have switched to a liquid diet, starting November 19th, and I...didn't. So, my fault, really. I can't help that I love solid food so much. If this pain continues the way it sits right now, I will eat round about nothing and whimper through my days. Gastroparesis sucks. Idiopathic gastroparesis sucks harder. How long will I have to go through life with *this* metaphorically strung to my back?

I can't even lie here any longer, as the urge to be sick is getting stronger. See you, metaphorical reader, in about 10 hours or so. Enjoy your night.

[insert time passing]

10 hours later, I don't see a hell of a lot of difference. Stomach still hurts, cats are still chasing each other, each eating the other one's bowl of food, but now with the added bonus of *never* wanting to back to sleep, because those were some messed up dreams I just finished having.

I'm actually supposed to be looking up buses to get to the dentist, since time is steadily ticking by, but I figure the least I can do is finish this sentence. Right, sentence finished, bus looked up. If it doesn't spontaneously start snowing, I should be able to leave here around 11:30 and get to the dentist early, but not so early it's ridiculous.

God, it's like I'm *looking* for things to talk about. The sky is... not blue today. Last night, I dreamt we could see the planets from the SkyTrain, which was weird, but I would totally do it again. I think the cat might be trying to sleep on my head.

Ugh. It's not so much that I want to have a nap (with less than 40 minutes to go), as much as the nap wants to have me, and have me good. Stupid need to stay awake. Although, I bet you that if this were a normal day, I would have no urge to nap right now. I would be so awake it would be ridiculous, and I would be doing things like starting to organize the apartment. No such luck. 35 minutes to go, and I'm about to conk out on the couch.

I've just heard that we are a go for moving at the end of the month. We need to be out on January 31st, and our landlord is showing our suite tomorrow evening to potential people. Heh. Now, I just need to figure out a way to make the bunny room smell a lot less, and we might almost be presentableish.

The kitten is curled up on my chest again, but this time, she has flung her legs out so that at least one is touching the trackpad on my laptop at all times. How very sweet of you!

[insert more time passing]

It really says something about how early I woke up this morning, that I fell asleep on the bus ride out to the suburbs. The bus ride out to the suburbs that takes all of about an hour and a quarter. And that I think I only slept for 10 minutes. All I know is, I woke up and I was suddenly in an entirely different [area of the] city. The sad part being that I actually went to bed at a decent hour, slept a decent number of hours, and I was still tired enough to fall asleep on the bus.

Let it now be said that I hate dentists. I don't even like them a small amount. Between the polishing, and the scraping, and the laser levelling, there's not a whole lot to like. Oh, except for the appointment I have in a month's time (only because no way in *hell* was I going back to the dentist tomorrow), to fill in piece of filling that fell out (Should I have noticed? I didn't notice. In fact, I was downright adamant that no such piece of filling fell out) of one of my teeth, fill in a slice on the back of the tooth next to it, that's been missing since I was 16 and got my braces off, and refinish one of my front teeth, from which it appears a part of it was ground away. Likely in the stress of the last ten months. Not that I told them as such.

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