Jan. 12th, 2011

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Nothing is as pleasant as the sound of two cats chomping away at their plate food. The same plate of food. Together. I simply cannot believe to two of them have gotten as far as eating from the same plate AT THE SAME TIME. It's like everybody finally went to kindergarten and learned to share.

Now, Pegasus is chasing a straw around the apartment, and man does she fucking love that straw. We are talking Tessa/Catnip Duck BFF standards here. Wherever that straw goes, Peggles is sure to follow. I could write a nursery rhyme, adapted for straws and Peggles. But originally about sheep. That is, the nursery rhyme was originally about sheep, and I didn't write it. But it wouldn't matter, because soon it would be about Peggles and Straw. I think I would end it, "And Peggles ran away with the Straw." I sure hope nursery rhymes are in the public domain by now, or I've just entirely stolen two of them for my own nefarious purposes.

Tessa and Peggles still fight, of course, but it's more like a sibling thing. I haven't yet heard the "everybody leave the room, cats are fighting" yowling noise I worry about, and I've left them both alone in the apartment for extended periods of time, and everybody's more or less unscathed when I get back. That I know of.

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2 Co-op job postings, in my Google Docs.

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