Jan. 26th, 2011

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Ha. Okay, so today's topic was *not* actually why Twitter is a fuckshit. That should have been Thursday's. At the very least. Instead, I should be talking about that time Ruy and I went to Tofino, which is a *much* happier story, and *doesn't* cause me unending pain.

So, it all began on a snowy November morning, which, what the fuck, it does not snow in Vancouver (often), and it doesn't snow in November (often)! Nonetheless, it was a fucking freezing late November morning that Ruy and I left for Tofino. We had a ferry reservation that we made with approximately 30 seconds to spare. We started listening to The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett. We mutually decided that we would need to listen to each part at least thrice in order to understand just what the hell the man was on about. It was a good morning.

I mean, we took a ferry, planned to eat on said ferry, and ended up eating possibly poisonous pea soup and a banana for breakfast because the... turbulence... weather... something or other, made it so they couldn't prepare any hot meals. Good deal. I think this might have been the beginning of playing iPhone board games together. I distinctly remember winning at the Game of Life.

We got to Victoria, where we were to pick up gluten-free pizza for our trip up the island. Ruy parked in the Empress parking lot, because he "totally knew the way to the pizza place," and "this was actually a shortcut." Even after finding out the real deal, I still say he couldn't find the pizza place with a map and an big pointy arrow.

He led me through the Empress, in a bit of a whirlwind, did *not* stop to let me pee, and we ended up in the Empress' tea room, where they serve afternoon tea. It's quite English, a genuinely romantic kind of setting (I may even have mentioned during our first year of dating, that should he wish to propose some day, this would be the place to do it). I was perplexed, but we were led to a nice sitting area, and Ruy almost immediately got down on one knee and said, and I quote, "Jessica Catherine Drozdiak, will you marry me?" To which I said, thoroughly surprised, "Really?" And then, of course, I said yes. I then remember clinging at him for dear life, crying happy tears, and hearing Pachelbel's Canon in D being played on the piano near us, just for me, which *really* made me cry. We were congratulated by pretty much everyone in the room at the time, we had champagne, tea, and gluten-free food, and I tried to call everyone I knew all at once. I literally had two phones to my ears at once to try to tell both parents at once, until I found out they were in the car together, which made things significantly easier.

I then found out that we would be staying in Victoria for a couple of days, and *then* heading up to Tofino, which was probably for the best, because it was already past 3 in the afternoon, and the weather outside really *was* frightful. We were upgraded to a really nice suite at the Empress (I've always wanted to stay at the Empress, but it's generally too expensive for vacationing purposes). I called Lisa, long-distance and all, so that she would hear about it before everyone else (perks to being the BFF, you see). I think we even actually ended up having pizza for dinner.

I spent a great deal of time staring at my ring. It's a white-gold band, a pearl set in the middle, with two rows of tiny diamonds on either side of the pearl. It's certainly not the typical engagement ring, but the important thing was that it was exactly what *I* wanted.

We wandered around Victoria the next day, ate a lot of pizza, bought Green Lantern shirts, bought luggage, participated in a half-price fudge sale (I... don't even like fudge), had coffee, and bought wool socks. We went to some brisket place for dinner, which about killed me, stomach-wise, and then we became kind of hallucinogenic on the way home, which was outright hilarious.

Before we started the long trek up to Tofino, we bought pizza (and more brisket for those of us who didn't get brisket poisoning), and started our way up. The one highway that goes up-island is really curvy and windy, and I ended up getting carsick just outside of Port Alberni. *shudder* We made it up to the cabin we were staying in, after dark. In one piece, even. The place was huge, and since it was the off-season, relatively inexpensive. We ate dinner and then lounged before going to bed.

I discovered the next morning that the air in Tofino is ridiculously dry, and made it my mission to find some form of moisturizer before my face just flaked right off. We wandered around in the downtown area (Tofino is approximately as big as a postage stamp, and I'm only exaggerating a little - most people come here in the summer, because the surfing is really good. So I've heard). We met a cat just outside our cabin, and I got to cuddle with a strange cat. Which was nice, because I missed Tessa.

We had our own private hot tub, which we went into twice. Once during a nice, brisk afternoon, and the other in the middle of a gigantic windy rain storm, which had to have been at least somewhat dangerous.

I ate a lot of pizza. We went to a restaurant in town for dinner one night, which was delicious, except where I puked in somebody's flowerbed every few paces on the way home, and we had to stop at the corner store and buy an entire jug of water due to my thirst. And moisturizer.

Our last night had the biggest windstorm I've ever been in, and although we were cozy and warm, the power did go out (all over Tofino, as I heard from my parents who were staying 7 kilometres away). It made for one of the most memorable evenings of my life, as I ate cold leftovers from the restaurant, and ill-advised cheesecake, and Ruy made frozen soup by the heat of the gas fireplace. You've never puked, until you've puked by candlelight. Candlelight, which we nearly didn't have, until Ruy called up the landlord and demanded to know where in the *hell* they could possibly be keeping their matches, because they sure weren't anywhere that made sense. We did find a lot of candles, though.

The next day, we packed up early, and headed for home, stopping for a bit in Nanaimo so that I could buy a magazine about cats. I'm pretty sure we showed up early for our ferry, but we got on anyway. I think this was the time we discovered Yahtzee for the iPhone. Much fun was had by all.

The most fascinating thing I discovered while in Tofino was that their general hospital, which is on the water, is shaped like a boat. This amused me greatly.

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Uh, anyone remember what the next topic was? I hope it wasn't moving. I'm so very tired of thinking about moving. I literally reached the point where I can't even think about packing anymore, or stuff starts to come out of my ears. I was cleaning and packing the kitchen and I just started feeling absolutely uncontrollably nauseated. It ain't hunger, because I'd just finished eating. Er, drinking, I guess. I'm so unbelievably tired. The thought of scrubbing the apartment down to the very last bit makes me want to scream bloody murder.

What has become of my hometown? It was such a nice place, growing up. Now there are homeless people on bicycles stealing your purse, grow ops to the nth degree, possible meth labs, and I'm pretty sure we have gang activity as well.

Oh, Port Coquitlam, hometown of Terry Fox, what became of you? What happened to your pretty flowers? The children playing in the forests? The relative safety?

Well, I'd say it all started when Willie Pickton started murdering prostitutes and feeding them to his pigs, on his farm, back in the 70s. I'd say that, but that was only just discovered in the last, oh, 10 years or so. My mom says it's because the remand centre built near downtown. She's probably right. That doesn't explain the increasing drug activity, or the gangs, however. I don't get it. It's an odd sensation to feel safer walking in the middle of downtown Vancouver late at night, than PoCo during the day. That's certainly curious.

Those are essentially my thoughts on what has become of my hometown. I really should have stuck with moving. I mean, writing about moving. I don't want to take a nap right now, I don't want to take a nap right now, I don't want to take a nap right now. I so want to take a nap right now. I didn't go to bed until 02:30 last night. Woke up at 07:00 to go to the *stupid* dietitian, which is another thing I steadfastly refuse to discuss, because right now I just hate everything, *especially* dietitians, and I can't even sleep the day away because I have to go have my radioactive stomach checked at 16:00. My brain is such complete sludge right now, that I can barely think. And any thought that I do have, is currently tied up in the whole moving debacle this weekend. Which, again with the screaming.

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I didn't actually plan to write anything else today, because I felt so sick earlier. I very nearly couldn't eject myself from the apartment to go the second part of my radioactive stomach measurement. Also, I was late, because now they just make up times for me to be there. That's okay, I showed up, and that's what's important. The point is, in the elevator on the way down, my throat just closed up and I felt unable to breathe. I didn't hyperventilate, I just ceased to ventilate properly. This lasted the entire (zombie!) walk to the hospital, through the test, and until I took an Ativan in the hall after the test. Since the Ativan helped, I can only assume that the breathing problems were anxiety-related and manifesting themselves in new and fantastic ways.

...I'm sorry, I just realized that my iTunes has switched to a song (a one-hit wonder, even) by some people named Shanks and Bigfoot. That nearly made me choke on my own spit. It wasn't even a very good one-hit wonder, either. Shame on you, Shanks and Bigfoot.

Ruy is cleaning out the pantry, and he's being very loud about it. Half of that stuff, I'm not even sure why we still own, but every time he announces another item, my brain starts trying to type it. I think that's probably a sign that Ruy is either finished, or I really shouldn't type and listen at the same time.

Oh. Well, he's turned off the lights and walked out. I think that's the signal that he's finished. Or giving up.

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