Jan. 27th, 2011

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Yeah, I've been caffeinated. Caffeinated and it's only just before 09:30 in the morning. Some pros to having Ruy go to work on time are that we can have coffee together, *and* I get up at a reasonable time (I don't know why I kept typing that as "treasonable time." It's not that early).

Somebody in Starbucks just mentioned the word nutritionist, and I kind up and glared in their general direction. *facepalm* Just because I hate nutritionists, dietitians, and nutritional counsellors, doesn't mean I can glare at innocent patrons at Starbucks. I should really save that for when they misuse the word "gay."

Right, so I'm up at a reasonable time, I have coffee, I have at least 3 hours at Starbucks, with the--fuck, I was supposed to take a pill to help with the digestion before I left--ability to write something that might be construed as constructive.

Oh for the love of--

Somebody Bad Romance'd Helen and Nikola. I have a *serious* weakness for that song, and everybody (okay, maybe just Ruy) knows I fell the hell in love with it just after starting to watch Lie to Me, which... I can't explain the correlation. Still. I've been reading all kinds of The Five-era The Five fics, thanks to a girl from my CSI/YTDaW days who just discovered Sanctuary. I heart them all so much, it's silly. I mean, coming from someone who has the biggest crush on *JACK THE RIPPER*, I... have taste?

The point is, at some indeterminable time, I really fell for Nikola Tesla/Jonathon Young. I can't call it a girl!crush, because he's not female, can't call it a boy!crush, because *I* am not male, and there's the 90+% of me that is so very gay. That leaves 10%, but I have a *type* of man I crush on, and Jonathon Young really doesn't fit it. He's not in the age range I prefer, he's not a bajillion feet tall, and aside from the similarities of not currently being a vampire, he's not Ruy.

That's great. Tesla is an enigma. Mmph, but *what* an enigma. Shut up, self. This is not an entry about Tesla. It's about caffeination. Okay, it's not about that either, but I can still salvage this somehow in the next 700 words.

Which reminds me, when did Tesla find the time to read the Harry Potter books? I mean, never mind why on Earth *Helen* would also be reading them. Except they kind of strike everyone, and considering that Ashley was roughly my age, I can totally see her picking them up just after Grade 7(ish) to give her something to do between, you know, shooting stuff, or whatever it is Ashley was doing when she was 13. I'm pretty sure Helen has read just about everything and if Ashley (and maybe Henry - they really *do* kind of strike everyone) were reading them, she would probably pick them up as well. Kind of as a "What *is* this phenomenon that's striking the world? Ashley refused to come out and help me capture the telepathic squid, because she wanted to finish this 'Chamber of Secrets' nonsense," thing, and then, like most other people, really couldn't put them down.

...this fic is writing itself, I swear. Throw in a kitten, and it's pretty much trademark me.

Oh, no, I *totally* know who started this. It was the Big Guy. He whacked Henry upside the head, and encouraged him to read them. Henry recommended them to Ashley, and *then* Helen picked up on it after the telepathic squid incident.

Which doesn't explain Tesla. Tesla, like I said, the enigma.

Oh my God, Jonathon Young has acted with Bard on the Beach. I feel like I totally *know* this. I wonder if he was ever in a play I watched. That would just be wicked.

OH MY EVEN FURTHER GOD. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2009/07/24/bc-cabin-fire-azra-young.html

Did anyone else know this? That's so horrible. And if you look at that picture, *damn* did she look like her dad. How could anyone get past this? Especially since it happened not that long ago. Also, part of me thinks I remember hearing about this on the news back in the summer of 2009. Gah.

Okay, wow, that kind of brought this whole thing to a screeching halt. This is the problem with a stream of consciousness. You kind of go off on a tangent, then the tangent sort of crashes into a wall, and you need to figure out how to get back on. I actually just looked this up, and at the end of Sleepers, it says "In memory of Azra Young and Phoebe and Fergus Conway." Which I remember seeing when I watched Sleepers before/during TSE, and wondered who they were. I absolutely did not make the connection. Jesus Christ, that is sad.

Ack. How do I even get back on a cheerful topic now?

Well, I'm flipping through Youtube, and I always seem to come back to "I CAN DANCE!" which is possibly the best scene in the history of Sanctuary, sheerly for the WTF factor. I must have it favourited about 4 separate times. Never, *never* fails to bring a smile to my face. Although, watching it does tend to make me want to get up and dance, which I'm preeeeetty sure is frowned upon at Starbucks.

I discovered a community on Livejournal for people to post pictures of their cats. It is aptly named kittypix, and was Spotlighted for awhile, which is how I discovered it. I wish I could post pictures of my cats, but Tessa tends to turn out as a blur, due to the colour, length, and general blurriness of her fur, and Pegasus tends to turn out as a black blob, and/or a general rift in time and space.

Still, either Peggles cloned herself, or there is just a breed of cats out there that all does the same thing, in exactly the same way, at the same time. The number of people I've found with Peggles-like kittens, who talk about how their cat likes the bathtub/sidewinds down the hallway and tries to hug the other cat into submission/curls around your neck/sleeps in the sink/jumps in the toilet is *astounding*.

In other news, mmm, Christopher Heyerdahl.

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This feels like an opportunity to make a list. I don't need to be home for roughly another hour, and I am still slightly less than 6K behind.

1. Starbucks is the perfect place to whip out receipts and start doing your finances. Ignore the odd looks you're sure to get. Because you *will* get them.

2. I actually wore *matching* socks today. This is nothing short of amazing. I generally grab two relatively coordinating socks and wear them. Today I actually found a pair that were... paired.

3. We move this weekend. The apartment is kind of mostly packed, I guess. It still needs to have more packing done, and needs to be cleaned, badly. The number of days in which we could theoretically do this, and the number of days we have left are not even a little bit the same.

4. I wonder if the alarm I never turned off this morning on my phone is still going off, or whether it just eventually got tired, and shut up.

5. *looks at phone* It's like it never went off at all. Wow. Go you, phone. That'll show me.

6. It's never not a good day to listen to Roy Orbison.

7. Okay, maybe it's not a good day to listen to Roy Orbison.

8. It is *never* a good day to listen to the same song sung by Michael Caine. I think I'm traumatized.

9. It's Over. That's the song. Listen to Roy Orbison, then listen to Michael Caine, and then whimper. Because that's what I'm doing. At Starbucks, even.

10. How did I manage not to put my dentist bill into my finances last time? Really. How?

11. Muppet versions of songs absolutely OWN any other version of songs. Luckily, they never did It's Over. Fucking traumatizing.

12. I just realized that London Drugs overcharged me by 10 bucks yesterday, while I was being a zombie. That sucks. There's not much I can do about it, either. Those fuckers.

13. TICKLISH CAMEL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5xebCq6lfk

14. Songs about lemon trees are not particularly conducive to being constructive.

15. Who even said I wanted to listen to a playlist of my favourited videos on Youtube? Youtube? Did not even ask you.

16. Kitties are not impressed by cupcakes: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/cat_know

17. Nikola Tesla had a cat. The things I learn. Also, Jesus, Tesla, stop showing up everywhere.

18. I don't actually want to go home and sit in the boxes. I want to stay at Starbucks. Unfortunately, someone has to pack my stuff to go home on Saturday. That someone is me.

19. So many great accomplishments were accomplished today. I wrote, I had coffee, and I caught up on my finances. Of course, then my foot fell asleep. Come *on*, foot, we have to walk home. I'd like to be able to get up and not immediately fall over, if that's kosher with you.

20. Ruy had a dream last night that we had three cats and a panther.

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Oh my god, and yep, there it is in my Google Reader. July 2009.

Okay, my hatred for dietitians just goes on unfettered. Look, I'm sure it's not something they all learn in dietitian school, but the attitude has got to go. You know, I thought I was over yesterday, with all the suggestions I can't really follow, and the implication that I must *want* to remain sick if I'm not following my doctor's orders. Because, you know, she knew what I was eating when she made the recommendation that I take 4 domperidone per day, regardless of the number of meals, or liquidity of them. Naturally, I didn't actually follow the instructions: I took one with the one or two solid meals I had, and one before bed. What more can you ask of me, specifically?

So, after the lecture, I came home, and set out to follow the 4 pills a day regimen. I took one before I had my Ensure, then a few hours later, I took another before my second Ensure. Of all things in this whole year of crap, Ensure has been my mainstay.. It's been the boat I can cling to in times of solid food letting me down. In other words, it's the one thing that has stayed down, even in times of mortal peril. Other than a few times that it has come up, generally when tomatoes have been involved, it's been the thing I don't puke back up.

Yesterday afternoon? I violently puked up that second Ensure, and then had to have a dizzy, zombie nap in the middle of the afternoon, before going to St. Pauls for my radioactive stomach measuring. Okay, so maybe that was a coincidence. You know, maybe I took the pills too close together? Or my stomach was having an off day?

Today, I had one pill before coffee. Waited slightly more than--

Am I listening to Celine Dion? *checks iTunes* Oh, I'm not. I really need to stop mixing up my French female pop artists, of which I listen to 3.

Waited slightly longer than my alarm indicated to take a second pill, had some yogurt. Felt a little off. Kept it down, but had to take a nap and a huge sigh of relief when my sister texted me later to ask if I was still feeling up to going to see a movie tonight, because she wasn't. I commiserated. My stomach hurt, so I figured it was time for another pill and another meal. Ensure. Wait for it, wait for it... Up comes the Ensure.

I haven't eaten anything since, although I've had a lot of water. I've tried to nap, since Ruy isn't home yet. Keyword here being *tried*. I could not get comfortable. Because not only did my stomach hurt, but also every *other* sector of my abdomen. I'm quite sure there are parts of my intestines seeing action they've never seen before. But seriously, I'm in *pain*. Kind of worse than when it's just my stomach that hurts. I'm acutely aware of the pain, even after taking some Tylenol and a quarter of a Dilaudid, because I'm actually hunched forward in pain.

Now, I looked up domperidone to see if it's an odd side effect, because, of all the drugs I've taken, domperidone has, by far, had one of the weirdest side effects imaginable, which I feel weird even writing about. Go look it up, it's right there in the first or so paragraph on Wikipedia.

Right, then I see that, *apparently*, domperidone is used not only as a motility agent, but as antinauseant and an antiemetic. In English, it's supposed to stop, or the very least, help, nausea and vomiting.

*falls on the floor laughing*

I mean, what? Seriously? Because not only has it not stopped it in the past? It's actually making the whole nausea and vomiting thing *worse* with the increase in dose.

...oh, Thea Gilmore, have my musical babies.

So, I don't even know who to blame here. I just know that I'm feeling pretty damn awful. I'd rather not blame my gastroenterologist, because she's been absolutely wonderful about getting me in for all of these tests. So, since I already have that hate-on for dietitians and their ilk, I think I'll just blame her.

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