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My utter fascination with grocery stores: a treatise that probably won't win the Pullitzer. Still, it's the last topic on the list of 12 (that I can remember, anyway), so let us jump right into it, shall we?

I think it's pretty obvious that I grew up fascinated by grocery stores, because my dad was a produce manager at one (well, actually about six, between two different companies) from the time I was born until he retired in August of 2009 (finally). Kids inevitably grow up picking up bits of knowledge from their parents. Ruy and I's future children will grow up knowing all about computers, and proper grammar. I grew up knowing big medical words (from my mom), and everything there was to know about trees (my dad has a degree in forestry), and fruits and vegetables. I was probably the only happy kid when this one company came out with plush versions of vegetables, and thus, probably the only person you know with two stuffed broccoli *and* a stuffed onion. Because of course you should anthropomorphize your vegetables.

My grocery store fascination goes so far back, that my very first memory (of anything) is of visiting my dad on the Woodward's Food Floor at Park Royal in West Vancouver. Which merged with Safeway in 1987, when he was transferred to his very first Safeway (also in West Van). So, this memory is from before I was 2. Which is unusual in itself.

One of my fondest memories of my dad's work was *everyone* knowing who I was when I was a kid. Especially the store manager, who I believe has still not retired, despite being my dad's age. I should really look into that. I remember running into her a few years ago when my dad and I were visiting Safeways on my birthday (we're odd people, I don't deny that).

Also, in Grade 9, we had to do Take Your Kid to Work Day. I went with my dad, obviously. I remember I got my own name badge, people actually *asked* me things, and I bagged bananas. Also, possibly tomatoes. I remember meeting the floral manager, who it would turn out, would get fired later that year, but take off with all of her merchandise. At least, I think that's how it happened. Huh. I wonder whether I was technically old enough to be working then.

I've pretty much always walked into the backrooms at Safeways like I own the place. I guess it would be sort of awkward to do it right now, since my dad isn't working there anymore, but I did at least do it up until he retired.

My second job was even at a Safeway. It was pretty traumatizing for everyone working there that summer, since we were literally holding on to this huge, huge deli department with about 6 people. It was also memorable. And something I will never, ever do again. Because, boy was I not made to deal with gigantic groups of people.

And that really didn't answer the question of why I'm utterly fascinated by grocery stores. I think the reason boils down to the fact that I feel like I was pretty much raised in one. And I like anthropomorphic vegetables.

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And now, a list!

1. I'm afraid to look up books about Tesla, because I'm scared there won't be any. And then I really *will* have to write his biography. Quick, someone sum up my knowledge of Tesla! He's a vampire. No, wait. He decoded the Enigma machine? But I hear it was only lightly encrypted. Greatest electrical engineer who ever lived or GREATEST electrical engineer who ever lived? Helen...Magnus. This isn't going anywhere. And it isn't going anywhere VERY QUICKLY.

2. I have just awful coffee breath. It's unpleasant. I mean, I don't much care what the people around me think. I would just like the aftertaste to get up and walk away. Out the door and down the street.

3. There are times when I think writing Wonder Woman fanfiction would be just the best thing ever. Often, these are times when I should be doing ANYTHING other than writing fanfiction. And how much history would I need to learn to do it justice?

4. If I couldn't write Wonder Woman, I'd take the Justice League. Which doesn't solve my problem, per se. The question is whether I should *read* JLA fanfic before writing my own.

5. "Wonder Woman went to bed with Wasp from The Avengers." NO BRAIN SHUT UP.

6. I'm concerned about Tesla.
[11-02-01 11:38:04] Rin/CJ: Can just anyone write a biography?
[11-02-01 11:38:13] Rin/CJ: ...do I have to contact his people?
[11-02-01 11:38:17] Rin/CJ: Does he have people?
[11-02-01 11:38:23] Ruy Asan: i am positive there are several biographies of tesla
[11-02-01 11:38:24] Rin/CJ: I don't mean Serbians.
[11-02-01 11:38:24] Ruy Asan: several
[11-02-01 11:38:26] Ruy Asan: many several
[11-02-01 11:38:30] Rin/CJ: That's good.
[11-02-01 11:38:36] Rin/CJ: I hope they have one at Chapters.
[11-02-01 11:38:55] Rin/CJ: A biography, I mean, not a Serbian.
[11-02-01 11:39:34] Rin/CJ: I mean, they could have several Serbians at Chapters, but they're not who I'm looking for.
[11-02-01 11:39:37] Rin/CJ: Fuck you, coffee.
[11-02-01 11:39:55] Ruy Asan: there are like 28 at this chapters
[11-02-01 11:40:01] Ruy Asan: the one by you i mean
[11-02-01 11:40:06] Rin/CJ: Serbians?
[11-02-01 11:40:12] Ruy Asan: biographies of tesla

7. Dude. I'm going to be so educated by the end of this book.

8. People are going to come to me, and be like, "Tell me everything you know about Tesla." And I'll be like, "Well, firstly, he's a vampire. CRAP. I mean, he was an electrical engineer."

9. I miss my cats.

10. Tell me again why we didn't name Pegasus "Tesla"?

11. I'm well aware that the punctuation goes inside the quotation marks. I just think it looks funny to put a question mark next to the part that isn't a question. Tesla isn't a question, it's a name. I need to go look up grammar rules.

12. It should not take three hours to attend a psychiatrist appointment, buy a book, and grab lunch. Especially if leaving the city isn't even involved.

13. I about want to fall over and lie on the floor right about now. Why does my *ear* ache? Of all things? Why ear?

14. Perhaps I'm getting a cold. Curses. I don't want a cold. They generally involve my ears. Even worse are the inner ear viruses. Where I get ear pain and then get dizzy. So far, it's just the ear pain, but I want to rip out my ear right now. If such a thing were possible.

15. I swear that the fact that I just ripped open a new pair of headphones and jammed them in my ears, and the fact that a swarm (two) of small children just took over this immediate area, are not correlated at all.

16. Also, I don't care how many small children want this spot, I am *not* moving. I have feelings too.

17. Random, that little girl's ear also hurts, and she's crying about it. I wonder if I can get away with that. Probably not. No one would comfort me.

18. Seriously. I just want to cry a little.

19. It's over. It's oooooooverrrrrr. I need to stop listening to these two versions in a row.

20. It breaks your heart in two, to know she's been untrue...

21. You won't be seeing rainbows anymore.

22. Seriously, Roy Orbison.

23. Foot has fallen asleep. I hate when that happens. I know my circulation is poor, but seriously, seriously.

24. No, Michael Caine, noooooooooooooooooo. I don't know why you're singing, but please. Don't. *listens anyway*

25. I wish I was watching Leverage. I... really don't know why.

26. And when he gets loud, HE GETS VERY LOUD INDEED.

27. I did end up buying the one biography I could find on Tesla. So, this should make for an informative read. I wonder if they make mention of his vampirism.

28. You know, it occurs to me that the Swedish Chef has never actually spoken any Swedish. That I know of.

29. I like that no one really questions why Parker is emptying these piñatas. I mean, other than the eye-rolling when she gets the candy she wants. Do we figure she brought the piñatas back for the express purpose of getting a bunch of candy? Because that's probably fine. It's an oddly Parker-like thing to do.

30. I simply must stop playing the air cello/violin/viola at Starbucks. For real this time.

31. This thing right here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_and_British_English_spelling_differences#Spelling_and_pronunciation

32. It surprises me how many of mine zig-zag back and forth between the two columns. I guess that's what you get from being a former colony of one, and situated right next to the other.

33. "In Canada, there are both mom and mum; Canadians often say mum and write mom." IT'S SO TRUE. And I never noticed until I went to a concert in the States with my family, and it was pointed out to us by the people behind us in line. 18 years, it took me to find this out.

34. I actually only looked this up so that I could find out why I insist on spelling it "pyjamas" instead of "pajamas."

35. And now that I've talked about it, I think I'd like some pyjamas. Fluffy ones.

36. Oh, of course, because in Canada, "pajamas" is virtually unknown. And "pyjamas" is British.

37. Is that woodpecker wearing a hat?

Okay, even I will admit that when your list devolves into whether that woodpecker (on Hardison's shirt in Leverage) is wearing a hat, your list should have ended 10 or 15 items ago. Also, my ears are devolving into little black holes of pain. Yay?

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