Feb. 4th, 2011

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Instead of going to bed early, like I planned to, and, you know, was actually in bed doing up until a half-hour ago, I'm up and watching something called 'Machete' with my dad. I'm not actually trying to watch the movie, but I figure it's as good as anything to have in the background. Very... violent, though. Hey, if it makes my dad happy. Also, for serious, Robert De Niro playing some sort of southern governor. Honey, I think I've now seen you play just about everything.

I actually sprang out of bed with an urge to catch up on my writing. Also, the cats were finally tired out from throwing themselves at each other, and had finally settled themselves into two separate, yet relatively close together, napping spots.

Oh, Steven Segal. You are so delightfully evil. Even when you play good guys, you're evil. And it's almost never delightful.

I'm catching up on Google Reader. I don't think there will be a time when I'm *not* catching up on it. I'm back at 18000+ unread items, and date-wise, around the 8th of January. I can't read fast enough, apparently. By the time I get the news, everything has already changed and/or escalated and/or been dealt with.

Here's an interesting factoid, however: Victoria Beckham is having her fourth child. I'm honestly surprised that she wants to mess up her "perfect" (read: disgusting) figure, by incubating another possible future soccer player. There's no love lost between Mrs. Beckham and I, partially because we don't know each other, but partially because I think she's a horrible role model to... anyone. Even her so-called BFFs in Hollywood. I feel sorry for the people she takes under her wing. I mean, don't you think Katie Holmes has enough on her plate with being married to Tom Cruise and being a Scientologist wife? Should she really be taking tips from Little Miss Stick Legs? No. No, she should not.

*stops to warm up mashed potatoes, because stick legs made her think of chicken legs, which made her think of the mashed potatoes she has in the fridge*

Mashed potatoes make me thirsty.

Okay, seriously. You put crosshairs over a picture of someone's face on a map, and you don't consider that inciting violence? Are you completely *stupid*? Just add this to the multitude of reasons that I can't stand Sarah Palin and her ilk. Or her elk.

Ugh. It turns out that Lindsay Lohan is in this movie. Really? Somebody let her be in a movie in the last year? Poor idea. Very poor idea. Also, that's very classy, Lindsay. Her whole role was to be naked and in a pool. That's acting for you.

Natalie Portman is pregnant. See, this? This I care about. Natalie Portman is a great role model. Also, she doesn't have stick legs, and has never made me feel bad about myself, that I can remember.

This should come as a surprise to pretty much no one, but apparently it *snowed* in early January. Shocked? I knew you would be.

*looks up at the TV* No, Lindsay, you still can't act your way out of a paper bag. I'm sorry, but it's true. Who thought putting you in this movie would be a good idea?

While I can see why the mashed potatoes were a good idea, I'm not entirely sure why I had the glass of chocolate milk, as lactose-free as it was. Also, this means I've used up all of my milk, and I only just bought it this afternoon. Oh, but those mashed potatoes were so tasty.

And then she dressed up as a nun and shot Robert De Niro? THIS MOVIE MAKES NO SENSE.

Oh, that's lovely. Some guy in Mission is being charged $5200 because he was growing cucumbers in his basement. That's right, cucumbers. Not even a drug. You can't even smoke a cucumber. I can't wait to see the reasoning they come up with for this one.

The very first survivor winner, whom I didn't much care for, apparently never refiled those tax returns for which he went to jail. That's good. Nice to know he's still approximately still as much of a scumbag as before.

Apparently, it's twice as dusty now on Earth, as it was in the 19th century, and scientists aren't sure why. I think I can work this one out for them. Uh, guys? You know what dust is made up of, right? And that the population has increased quite a bit since then? You *did* know that? Good, then why are you surprised?

I kind of wonder why Apple decided that the Mac needed an App Store. It's something that makes a lot of sense on a portable device such as the iPhone or iPad, because apps are relatively inexpensive, and you're generally interested in picking up interesting things to play/use. Everything on a Mac, software-wise, costs an arm and a leg. How exactly is the App Store going to make that any better? What's going to help about paying $500 for Office in the App Store, versus paying $500 for Office by going to the Apple Store, or buying it online? I mean, sure, there's less packaging, but when I go looking for a new application for my Mac, I'm going to look online at free alternatives before I bother opening up the App Store and browsing through it. However, despite all this, I mainly have one thing to say: Microsoft, DON'T GET ANY IDEAS, DAMN IT.

Subway is apparently coming out with gluten-free sandwiches. Right in time for me NOT TO BE ABLE TO EAT THEM. Thanks, Subway. Nice to know you could keep up with the times.

It's hard to believe that at this time last year, the Olympics were going on, or at least, about to begin. In Vancouver. That still boggles my mind. I can't believe we hosted the Olympics, and didn't manage to publicly embarrass ourselves (much). I wish I was still settling in downtown, listening to the crowds one block over on Robson, and music and celebrations happening all through the night, for two weeks straight. It was like the whole city was having a party. Actually, at one point, the whole city kind of *did* have a party. I believe it was around the time that Canada won men's hockey. A spontaneous dance party broke out, if I recall correctly. There's really nothing cooler than that.

And with that, I'm finally off to bed, as I can barely keep my eyes open, I need to be up earlyish to get my hair cut, and I was supposed to be asleep three weeks ago. Wait, what? I mean, three hours ago. I shouldn't try to pay attention to movies while typing (my dad is watching Space Cowboys). Three hours ago.

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