Feb. 6th, 2011

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I was almost productive today. I got my hair cut, or trimmed, really, as she didn't take a lot off. I exercised by walking home from Lynda's house with my dad, after stopping for groceries four zillion times. I'm unpacking boxes of stuff my parents asked me to go through, which I will get to in a minute.

I feel like I've twisted my stomach. I don't even see how that's possible, but you know how sometimes it feels like you've pulled a muscle in your back, or neck, or shoulder? Well, it's like that, only it's my stomach. Can stomachs *get* twisted? If so, mine is. If not, why the hell all the pain? I've been good. I haven't had solid food in about four days, give or take. Ugh. I just can't win.

So, anyway, these boxes. The first one was full of stuff from my desk. I had notebooks, stuff from co-op, random pens, and all kind of things that got turfed. Unfortunately, I felt I ultimately had to keep some of the co-op stuff, if only because maybe someday I'll need it. It gives me stomach pain just thinking about it, really. Well, actually, most things give me stomach pain, but this just churns my gut. The last things I want are more reminders of co-op. I'm tempted to go back through that pile and just chuck all that stuff. If there's good information in there, UBC Computer Science Co-op cannot possibly be the only ones who have posted it somewhere. The internet is for more than porn (you know, occasionally), and boy is that song stuck in my head.

Okay, so I went back and tossed out some more Co-op stuff, and put some other stuff in the thrift pile. I have now gone through 4 boxes, and managed to pare it down to just 1. Well, 1 and a half. I've hit a point where I need to consult Ruy about some of the stuff and I can't get back to it until I've talked to him. WOO! Enforced break time!

Hooo, boy. I thought I just read in my Google Reader that they auctioned off Dennis Hopper last weekend (last weekend being sometime in early January). It turns out they just auctioned off some of his stuff and memorabilia. That's less weird. Especially seeing how I think it's illegal to auction a dead body.

Related, Peter Fonda found a dead body in his car. I'm curious now if it was Dennis Hopper's. Oh, *a* car. Well, what was he doing looking for Dennis Hopper's body in someone else's car?

Down to the last box of stuff before I tackle the closet. I can't believe how much stuff I've gotten rid of, that I would have hesitated about a few years ago. I guess, in a way, it's therapeutic to get rid of all this stuff. Why on Earth was I keeping all my damn notes from English and Pyschology 12? Like I want to be reminded of high school, even if English 12 was one of my favourite classes in high school.

And then I finished those boxes, and got to watch CSI. Everybody was really happy. I know I was, because I got to watch CSI, and see Sara interact with her mother-in-law. And we got to see Grissom at the end! Whee! Feel-good story of the year!

I have, in general, thrifted a bunch of my stuff, thrown away a bunch more, and recycle a huge amount of paperage from university, that I am pretty glad to be rid of, because there's only so long you want to have information about your Comp Sci 320 class. And an even smaller amount of time that you want to have information from your Psychology 100 class, that you took in the summer of 2005. Especially seeing as how it's 5 and a half years later.

How do I feel now? I feel like I got something accomplished yesterday, and not just in terms of exercise. I really feel like I sorted through a bunch of things that I would have been hesitant to throw away 3 years ago. It could be that I'm finally growing up and out of keeping weird material things, or it could just be that I've seen too many episodes of Hoarders. 34errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 6. I completely agree, Pegasus. How wise you are for only being 4 months old! Also, thank you for chilling the fuck down since last night; we all really appreciate a calmer, non-agitated Peggles.

And she even settled down on my chest last night before we went to bed, which was nice, because I was feeling incredibly anxious, and nothing cures a bout of anxiety better than a Peggles cuddle. I also watched (or rather, listened to) the last episode of Midsomer Murders. I hear it's not actually the last episode, but Barnaby retired, and his cousin is apparently taking over. I didn't know Barnaby had a cousin, but apparently he does. I suppose I could look up whether it's still on, since we're at least a series behind here. Yes, apparently they're in the middle of the 14th series. "???TRRRRRRRRRRRR567111117qi Thank you again, wise Peggles. They're in the middle of *filming* the 14th series? I guess? You would think my parents would know this kind of thing better than I do, and apparently, it is so.

I guess John Nettles kind of needed to retire the character, and go on to other things, and possibly retire at some point himself (he's four years older than my dad). I think we can pretty much always count on reruns, because I've only seen 10 episodes, and they always seem to be the same ones. I don't think I've ever seen the very first episode, so that's somewhere to start. If I *have* seen it, I've probably seen it six times.

Also, it appears that Hugh Laurie is going to show up at the football. I mean, at the Super Bowl. Sorry, apparently I still can't watch the TV and type at the same time. I don't *think* he's enough to make me stay awake for the football, but... no, no, he is not. Stupid football.

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Feb. 6th, 2011 11:42 am
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This is to inform me (and Lisa), that I have dropped out of getyourwordsout, because I can't handle the pressure. I still plan to post 1000-word rambles over here, but I think it's better for me to set my own goal, and one that isn't quite so insane.

I'm not disappointed in myself. Things do come up in life, and this year is no different. I made it to over 28000 words in a month, and I'm quite proud of that. I still plan to edit my NaNos, and hopefully still take part of that in November. But no more GYWO craziness. *sadface*


ETA: For my own sake, I'm setting my goal this year for 200000 words, which I'm fairly confident I will have surpassed by November. I'll write a pledge (to myself) in the next entry, saying as such. I'll even get one of those fancy progress bars. Everyone's gonna be so *happy*.

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