Feb. 12th, 2011

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Today, today (she says, meaning tomorrow when she wakes up) is going to be a list-making day. Lists are fun. Remember what happened that time I made that list at/around Tesla? It was good, wasn't it? Of course it was. Also, I talked about how I thought I was getting a cold at the time, and then ENDED UP GETTING ONE. Stupid... poetic justice.

1. Poetic justice should involve the reading of a verdict in iambic pentameter, or possibly rhyming couplets.

2. Ruy has left the country. I assume. Not knowing the flight path the plane is taking, I'm only pretty sure he's out of the country. Just a second, I'll check. Nope. Definitely still in the country. Apparently, we're taking the *odd* way to London. I shall keep this in mind for next Thursday.

3. I haven't even gone to bed yet. Go to bed, self. The whole point of this list was to make the list tomorrow. Otherwise, you'll end up with endless items about nose drippage and cat fightage.

4. My nose is dripping and the cats are fighting.

5. Making lists about what to pack for travel to other countries should always take place just before going to bed, 6 days before you leave. No way you'll forget anything while you're half-asleep.

6. They've just finished flying over Manitoba, so, yes, technically still in the country. Also, apparently they took off 49 minutes late. I wonder whether we'll also take off late. Like, if that's a thing they do every night, or just some nights.

7. They have arrived. Yes, between items 6 and 7, they arrived. Of course, the time spanning between 6 and 7 was nearly twelve hours, so it's not surprising. Yaaaayyy, sleep!

8. We spray the cats with water when they need discipline (mostly when the two are fighting, or when someone is scaling something they shouldn't be). Pegasus likes water too much to be entirely deterred, so mostly she chases the spray of water. That's my Peggles.

9. I like how everyone went to Kitty Kindergarten and learned to share litter boxes and food and water and everything important, but nobody seems to have learned that Tessa doesn't like to be jumped on and ridden like a horse, or that Pegasus *does* sometimes behave herself and doesn't need to be chased after at the speed of light and hissed at. No, really.

10. I just spent a half-hour untangling the cat toys. Pegasus "helped" by pouncing at them every minute and a half in case they were done. They weren't. Thanks anyway, Peggles, dear.

11. I should never have laid down on the floor and let Peggles use my shoulder as a springboard back when we first brought her home. This thing I allowed her to do *once*, has turned into a "Hey look, there's somewhere I need to jump at, and there's Mommy's shoulder, *POUNCE*"

12. I often wonder what Pegasus meows about when she wakes up. Maybe she's still communicating with the vestiges of a dream? It's either that, or she's calling out for her mommy, because she's realized she's sleeping alone. She never meows when she wakes up on me, or next to Tessa, only when she's alone. She's generally comforted when I go over to wherever she's woken up, and pet her. Aww. Pets *do* take on their owners' characteristics! I have attachment anxiety regarding my parents disappearing, and so does Pegasus! (This minor in Psychology was totes not for nothing, as you can see.)

13. The sheer joy Peggles is getting out of playing with that cheese wrapper is amazing. *sniff* My littlest hunter.

14. Peppermiiiiiiint. I got a peppermint green tea latte from Starbucks and just got to the bottom of it. NOTHING LIKE A SHOT OF PEPPERMINT TO WAKE YOU UP IN THE MORNING! Except it's 13:30, and I was already quite awake.

15. I just spoke to Ruy. IN IRELAND. He was deliriously tired, so I let him go off to sleep. So nice to speak with him after not hearing from him for so long (you know, not even 24 hours have passed since he left - well, except, 24 hours have passed by Greenwich Mean Time standards, because he left last night (our time), and it will be tomorrow there in 20 minutes). Still, it was lovely to know he made it in okay, although I'm now scared to death of flying and then finding my way across 4 terminals at Heathrow.

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