Feb. 14th, 2011

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In the past, let's say six hours, I have cleaned out two boxes of clothes, one box of stuffed animals and wool (helpfully vacuum-sealed), most of the contents of a drawer containing what used to be on top of my dresser, my underwear drawer, the entirety of the clothes in my closet, and one shelf in my closet that I don't terribly want to talk about. Let's just say that disintegrating plastic bags were involved, and I nearly went crazy. The important thing is, I now have a place to put my desk and I can set up my computer and play Warcraft and The Sims, which I haven't done since early January, and forever, respectively.

I have a bajillion bags to go to thrift, I've downsized a whole bunch, and I'm getting rid of things I never thought I'd be able to. I would have done more, but I think I've approximately done in my back. I might go through another box tomorrow (since my computer monitor is in there), and do a tonne of laundry, but I think I've done fairly well, considering.

I am greatly looking forward to that decontamination shower I will be taking when my dad is finished washing the dishes. If my head doesn't loll right of my body while I'm waiting.

*time passes*

I did indeed have that shower, and it was every bit as wonderful as I was hoping. I then woke up this morning after only 6.5 hours, despite the fact that I should have been exhausted. Got right to work on my editing job, too, for as long as it took for Peggles to come find me and curl up on my chest. I was off to sleep on the couch for another 4 hours. I woke up and my parents were already starting to clean up for what we will "affectionately" term Rearrangement Sunday.

*more time passes*

What about aeroplanes? What about aliens? What about ships that drank the sea?

What about my broken car, what about soldier battle scars?

*stops singing*


So, today the repair guy comes to fix the washing machine and dryer, both of which we managed to break in 15 minutes yesterday. I've called Visa to let them know I'll be in Europe, so that they don't assume my credit card is stolen. It's... Valentines Day, I guess. Ruy and I are celebrating when I get to Europe. As per usual, though, this makes like 4 Valentines Days with Ruy that have either sucked or been non-existent. I don't get the big deal about this day. Really, single people, if us people with other people can't pull it together for the 14th of February, I'm pretty sure this day really isn't so important - for singles or non alike. It's a day in February. My first Valentines with a significant other, we both argued *and* my dad developed a hematoma at his surgical site, 4 days after nearly dying on us. I think the 14th is something I can generally do without. Fuck Valentines Day, essentially, is what I'm saying.

Pegasus is hopping around like a crazed lunatic, chasing invisible bugs. Again.

I've taken up Coronation Street. I say that like it's a hobby. Which it kind of is. At one point, I was looking at what was going on and was like, "This show is such a SOAP OPERA." Heh. Well, duh, of course it is. Because it is. That said, my grandma watched Corrie for years, and with everything that's happening, it is genuinely nice to feel close to her by taking up the Corrie mantle. I wish I could get some of the older episodes. Mostly I'm just catching up to a storyline that was on on Friday night (on the CBC, my one channel that shows it here). I can totally see where we're going now.

1. I'm going to nap, because it's too early to go to bed.

2. That really was my reasoning for having a nap at 15:45 in the afternoon.

3. No, I don't know why I started a numbered list.

Also, I've done my back in. Something you really want when you are flying for 13 hours in a couple of days. I... don't like it. Obviously.

I wish it was time for dinner. If I can't go to bed yet (seriously, what's with me and reasonable bedtimes all of a sudden?), then I definitely want dinner. Yaaaaay, pureed rice. Yes. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. If my stomach digests it, we don't mock it.

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