Mar. 21st, 2011

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Pretty sure the world is currently a shambles. I mean, Tunisia, Bahrain, Egypt, Libya...

Then the Christchurch and Japan earthquakes.

The Earth is angry. Both the planet itself, and the people on it. And, I mean, I'm all for fighting for human rights and against oppression, but I think it's... interesting, that 4 countries decided to do it pretty much at once. I thought it was interesting when Egypt started and I was leaving for Europe. Then Bahrain went tits up while I was in Dublin. Then Libya sort of went crazy.

Oh, also, I'm watching BBC World News. Kind of the closest I can get to actual BBC News. That's one reason I miss Europe, especially the UK. Not, like, the sights we saw or anything. Just the TV news.

Britain's Tallest Tower != Britain's Tallest Lover. Either way, I vote John Druitt. Please.

Things are getting more dangerous in Japan, with the nuclear plant. I think, at this point, they need to try something slightly colder and less inaccurate than water. I think we've established that water is not working. Something colder might wreck the reactor, yes, but is that REALLY our biggest concern right now? I would think human health would be more important. Also, the robots. Someone has to save the robots.

Also, I think we've established that Vancouver is more or less screwed when our earthquake comes. I mean, we won't get the tsunami, but only because Vancouver Island is in the way. It's all going to fall over. Good Lord.

And I see Libya is still having unfortunateness. I think, also, unfortunateness is an understatement. Also, not a word.

Or, as I just said to Ruy, upon looking up at BBC World News, "Hey, did you know Libya is having an uprising?" Also, France has signalled that action could be imminent. What kind of action, I wonder. Universal dance party? I vote universal dance party. World would be a...what the hell is a First Sea Lord? WIKIPEDIA TIME!

Ah. Head of the Royal Navy. No Rear Admirals here. ...I wish Canada had a Sea Lord. We'd be so much cooler.

This entry has taken an embarrassingly long time to create. I keep hoping to hit 750 words, to hit my goal, but since I seem to be typing at the astonishingly quick rate of 77 words per day, it's taking awhile. Curses.

Dear Oprah:

I don't even think we get your channel in Canada. Stop advertising on my TV. And even if we did, you'd probably show things like Dr. Phil, and Dr. Phil is about as real a psychologist as I am an African elephant.

No love,


Two things:

a) I am absolutely *petrified* of posting on my own LJ. Things usually tend to end badly when I do. And yet, at some point, I really should. So people know I'm alive and such. I just can't help that there are people in and around my LJ that drive me absolutely stark-raving bonkers. Also, re-reading my posts from the past 6 or so months makes it look like I'm a very angry starfish. Only *half* of that is true. I'm actually very happy. Just, you know, paranoid of Dutch-Belgian backstabbers, and whoever the hell else she has recruited. *cowers* See, even re-reading that paragraph makes me question my own sanity.

b) The frigging hell is going on inside the walls of my sister's apartment? It sounds like old cash registers. But, like, in the walls.

c) Adele doesn't actually drown out the sounds inside the walls. I think we have a minor angry zombie infestation. And by "we," I mean my sister.

Ooo, we're actually getting to somewhere in the vicinity of 750 words. Score! And once I finish this, I can start typing up my paper journal from Europe. FUN.

Uh, let's see. Ruy and I have almost started playing our first Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It would possibly be more fun with actual other people, but, you know, we're either too nerdy or not nerdy enough.

I hear there was an uprising in Libya.

Okay, it's getting old. But seriously, did you know we're at war? Did anyone consult me on this? Is Canada actually *involved*? Or is this like a United States, therefore North America sort of thing? Anybody? Anybody? Stephen Harper, you poor example of a prime minister, you, where are you on this?

Oh, *God*, now the Ivory Coast is having a crisis. For serious, even.

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