Mar. 22nd, 2011

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Leverage fic; totally couldn't finish it; rated g; 527 words; untitled

If there was one thing Sophie Devereaux prided herself on, it was her ability to play any role accurately, and with a certain amount of flair. Everything she had ever needed to steal, whether honestly or dishonestly, hinged on that ability. So the fact that she was in tears, picking out tiny baby clothes, shocked her. She couldn't do this. She couldn't be a mother. She'd *been* a mother, if only for 25 minutes, that one time they were doing the job with the faulty life insurance. But that was grifting. This was *life*

Parker, who had chosen to accompany her, was slightly less shocked, but only because very little phased her. She pulled Sophie towards her for a hug, knowing it was the right thing to do in this situation, or so she guessed, based on her observations of her chosen family. Hardison hugged her when she cried. Nate hugged her when she cried. Hell, almost everyone hugged her when she cried. It was a freak occurrence, usually only happening when a job went tits-up or she was trapped somewhere (physically or emotionally). So, if other people hugged *her* when she cried, it was likely the right thing to do for Sophie. It was hard to maneuver the other lady into a proper hug, given the expansive baby bump, but Parker did her best. Sophie's sobs turned into occasional sniffles, and soon she was reaching a hand up to wipe away the tears.

"Sorry," she said, once the tears had abated completely.

"It's alright," Parker replied. "I don't think the giraffes look quite right, either."

A soft chuckle was the reply, before Sophie began to speak in earnest about what was bothering her. "I don't think I can do this, Parker. How can I be someone's *mother*?"

"Teach them everything you know," Parker said, thinking of Archie. "Let them know you love them unconditionally," she continued, thinking of Nate, Hardison, Eliot, and even Sophie herself (who had shown her more love than both of her odd parents). "Even if they accidentally blow up the house."

Sophie smiled tearfully, while Parker continued to list items off on her fingers. "Bad guys make the best good guys, learn the family business young, always be stealthy, sometimes you'll find laser tripwires in ventilation shafts, don't take dietary advice from Hardison, it's never too early to learn gymnastics..."

Sophie knew that this child would grow up in a loving environment, with two parents who loved each other, and an extended family who would likely teach them all the tricks of the trade, for better or for worse. Even with all the love, and all the good she wished for her child, she couldn't help but worry that her child would grow up to be a wanted criminal. Really, Sophie, *now* is the time to be thinking that perhaps your line of work might be a little morally ambiguous, she thought to herself. Well-paying, but morally ambiguous.

"...toast generally lands butter-side down, the best ice cream sundae is one you do backflips for..."

Sophie rubbed her belly, her and Nate's daughter wriggling in the safety of her womb.

Word Count: 527
Word Count to Date: 35309

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