Apr. 12th, 2011

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I'm having one of those nights where I want to get up and do pretty much anything but sleep. They generally happen when I have to get up at ass o'clock in the morning. Tonight is no different. However, the minute I came into the living room with my laptop in my arms, both cats looked up at me as if they were expecting me. It seems that even though we're not in our old apartment anymore, they seem to remember my habits. So, where shall we begin...

1. I'm having one of those nights where Twitter just seems to piss me off. It's a popularity contest, everyone's in love with everyone else, and nobody pays any attention to me. I know it's a side effect of my new job. Puppysitting, while adorable, and relatively flexible in what I can do during my time there, takes so much out of me emotionally and mentally, that it literally drives me crazy. For example, I've discovered that although I'm a loner, and I love my solitude, I just *can't* be by myself for an extended period of time before wanting to go stir crazy.

2. I don't know that it was always this way. I don't think I had any problem in the past with being by myself and just occupying my time on the internet. I really think that the 4 or so months I spent going to Starbucks every day and being surrounded by people, changed the way that I regroup.

3. Thus, when I go to Starbucks, sit down and do essentially what I've just done all day while puppysitting, I actually feel like I'm recharging my batteries. Around people I don't know, and I don't necessarily talk to them. Who would have ever guessed?

4. I really don't know why I came back to Twitter. I guess I enjoy the hilarity of some of the tweets I read back to myself months later. But apparently, being away from it for so long... it never got any easier.

5. There are 3 podcasts that I listen to on a semi-regular basis, that feature people I like to listen to (generally females, or, at the very least, people who aren't complete and total jackholes or misogynists). All three of them I listen to as a result of Cleolinda from Movies in 15 Minutes - she's temp-hosted on all three, and I don't think any of them can really deny that she brought in a bunch of new listeners for them.

6. Geektress. A podcast that's generally about comics. I fell in love with comics again because of them. I discovered Blackest Night (which, incidentally, none of them liked, because it was an event series), I discovered Justice League, I discovered Wonder Woman, and I discovered Fables. They're hilarious to listen to, even though we have vastly different tastes in movies and television - I think we've all come to the general conclusion that Smallville is a hole of suck, and Heroes became something godawful. But at one point, one of them, possibly Laura, was watching Battlestar Galactica, and it was greaaaaat. They've discussed True Blood, of which I have more than a passing familiarity with, I've learned who various actors are and who is, in general, supposed to be hot - turns out, Alexander Skarsgard is pretty fantastic and everyone wants to see him topless. Me? I watched Mamma Mia and fell for his dad, Stellan, instead. Me, I go about these things the wrong way. Geektress has made me feel like I can be a comic book geek again. I can, and I am.

7. Made of Fail. Originally hosted by Dayna and Kevin, now hosted by Dayna, Kevin, and a variety of random other people they can rope into it. I won't lie - I'm pretty sure my dream is to be a guest host on Made of Fail one day, but first I have to become an expert on something, and get over my fear of talking to people. Dayna and Kevin aren't TV people, which, while understandable, still strikes me as the weirdest of crazy. I mean, they weren't always this way - both watched Buffy back in the day, so it's not like they don't have good taste *in* TV. I guess they mostly drifted away from it. Dayna loves Final Fantasy games, video games in general, and her and I have a lot in common, healthwise. In a lot of ways, she's kind of my hero. She's not perfect, but she certainly makes me feel like I can aspire to be her one day. She hates Discworld, though Kevin loves it. They did an episode devoted to Discworld, which I expected to dislike. Obviously, that backfired, as Ruy and I are in love. With Discworld. And each other, I suppose.

8. Potterficweekly (and its spin-off, The Poufwa Exchange, which is actually how I found PFW). I never expected to like Harry Potter fanfiction, as I've only ever heard how batshit crazy the fandom is. I started listening to them mainly to give me something to fill the silence in the apartment while Ruy was in Romania in September of 2008. Just listening to them was so friendly. And then I started reading the fics they were talking about, and now it's like I'm part of a book club. *sigh* Happy times.

This list is brought to you by the fact that it's actually quite late and I *should* go to bed, Peggles snoring beside me, Tessa snoring 3 feet from me, Ruy snoring two rooms over kind of loudly, a crisis of Twitterfidence, and the fact that listening to Potterficweekly for less than twenty minutes put a smile on my face and made me want to get up and be productive. Woo.

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