Apr. 20th, 2011

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Okay, I think the coffee has just about worn off, and I can probably write something that makes sense now. You know, or not.

Puppysitting again today (boy, it sure feels like the only time I'm productive enough to write 750 words is when I have to puppysit). Guggie spent our entire second walk just being dragged from smell to smell, as he refused to actually walk with me. My kneecap slid dangerously in and out of place the entire time. How fun. For the most part, I think I'm getting better, but whenever I'm out walking Guggie, I either trip or my knee just twists, and ugh.

...she says, coming back to a swift middle as she returns to writing said 750 words at the Starbucks after work.

There's a guy tutoring a kid in math at this Starbucks, and for fuck's sake, algebra is making *less* sense to me as I listen to him. This coming from someone who was actually pretty kickass at math, algebra especially.

Negative numbers. DUDE. Just use a frigging number line already! That's how we all learned! Or a thermometer! Or...I don't know, but there has to be a simpler way than explaining it in terms of a mortgage.

I've taken up (again, I say this like it's a hobby) reading this one particular blog (dooce.com). I don't remember how I came upon her, but it was likely during my semiannual hunt for mommyblogs or blogs by Mormons because they happen to be weird and fascinating that week (dooce is an ex-Mormon, I think the Mormon religion is crazypants (I've been to Salt Lake City - the people are lovely and nice and friendly and giving, but out and out batshit crazy), and so I think I can see why Google Reader made this recommendation). I usually go through phases with Google Reader, and sometimes I realize that Mormons and Catholic homeschooling, while quaint and interesting to read about it, tend to hold opinions that angry up the blood like no one's business. During these phases, I have to cull half of my reading list. Other times, I'm up to 20000 unread items, so the last thing I'm going to do is stop and actually *read* something, so if it's not visually offensive, it stays on the list, and lives to fight another day.

The point is, this woman is so like me (minus the Mormon relatives), it's *scary*. As such, I've giggled more out loud at Starbucks than ever before, and probably can't return. From when she was living in LA, to when they moved to Utah, to the time they got a dog, to how she figured out why her dog was afraid of the phone, to this gem:

So my father (Mike from Tennessee, as my husband likes to refer to him, only because whenever my father calls and leaves a message he says, "It's Mike from Tennessee," as if we won't recognize his voice or as if there are so many other Mikes in our life that he needs to specify "the one from Tennessee")

Yeah, I need to stop giggling.


Apparently, stopping the giggling also meant I would stop typing, damn it, now he's licking my ankle. VERY DISTRACTING, GUGGIE!

I think it's probably time to come up with some more prompts for this daily writing thing. Mostly so that it turns back into a daily writing thing, and less of a twice a week, while I'm puppysitting, writing thing. Incidentally, as I write this proclamation, I am, indeed, puppysitting (and abusing the comma).

I'm playing with Italian tomatoes again, because it tends to keep me focused, if only focused in what I'm doing on the Internet. Otherwise, I could just sit here all day, and never switch tabs, and life would be sad, OMG. I seem to be waylaying the crippling loneliness and depression that has been bothering me with the puppysitting, so I must probably be doing it right.

In other news, my task list contains items such as "Read Livejournal," and "Play Warcraft." This is a task list I can get behind.

So, about those prompts. Let me pick a week's worth (well, 5 days worth). I'm taking these from plinky.com, because I... can?

1. Do you think you'll ever go back to school? A few classes, or a whole degree? I mean, if yes.

2. Defend your vice. How did you start? Why would you quit?

3. Name 3 overplayed songs that you love anyway.

4. What industry ushered you into the workforce?

5. What's your favourite live music venue?

This should, ideally, make for a week of very exciting posts. I will also take moderately interesting, and mildly appealing.

Also, Elisabeth Sladen died yesterday. Technically, I've never seen her as a companion, due the inability to get any Doctor Who before the new series. I've seen Tegan (we had BBC Canada for awhile), who wore *the* most colourful outfits (possibly, it was the 80s... 70s? 60s? I don't know. That would require looking this up), Rose, and Donna.

Right, I had a point here. I never saw Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who, but she *was* the first companion I ever read about in the Doctor Who books, so she always has a special place in my heart. It's a sad day in the neighbourhood when Sarah Jane Smith and Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart die within weeks of each other. It might behoove me to find out what they died of.

...ah, the Brigadier had cancer. He was 81. Elisabeth Sladen also had cancer. But was my dad's age (63). Jesus. Sad times.

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