Apr. 24th, 2011

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Hey, guess what's driving *me* crazy this week/day/year/millennium? Other than my apparent inability to spell millennium correctly on the first try (I blame the painkillers). My brother-in-law. And yes, it relates to puppysitting.

Nowhere in the contract I wasn't given, did it say anything about this being a full-time job (or, for fuck's sake, I should be getting paid a hell of a lot more and, um, get benefits or something), nor was it ever said that I had to be on call for said job, either.

My sister? Totally gets this. Dwight does not. Because he comes from a line of work where being called in at the last minute is totally normal, he thinks it's totally normal to do this to me. I kindly asked, repeatedly, for my sister and Dwight to come up with a schedule, or come to some kind of agreement, or talk to each other in some way, and tell me at the beginning of the week, what days I'll be needed.

Which, I mean, they call me on Sundays now, so that's a plus. But Dwight keeps slipping in more days during the week, and I have a hard time saying no to people, so I end up working extra. Despite all evidence to the contrary, just because I don't have a job or many local friends, doesn't mean I don't have a *life* or *things* I want to do with my time off. But with the way this job is working, I can't even *plan* a frigging day off.

Thanks to this job, I've started having knee problems again, and this past week, it got to excruciating. I've limited myself to working only two days per week for awhile, until my knee unfucks itself. This is evidently for the best, because if I don't set this limit, no one will set this limit, and I will be puppysitting until time immemorial.

I don't want to let my sister down, because she's having a super-tough time with work and life and this is a big help for her. Dwight isn't working right now, unless you count the campaigning for the Liberals in North Vancouver that he does in his spare time. And, I mean, I do; it's just that, last week, I worked an entire day, and HE WAS AT HOME FOR MOST OF IT. I know he wanted to finish his taxes. But seriously? Dude? I could have had a much deserved day off, to pull the metaphorical knitting needles out from under my kneecap.

I was ready to come in last Thursday and puppysit because I couldn't say no or disappoint anyone. I could barely walk after Wednesday. Ruy ended up saying that if I didn't call and tell them to rethink their plans, then *he* would. And he did.

So, last Thursday, I had crafting tools jammed in my leg, I didn't work, and I felt fucking guilty the entire time. I *almost* want to start that part-time job at Chapters to become unavailable. Almost. Unfortunately, I also have a novel I want to self-publish by the end of the year, and unfettered time to work on that is actually a huge plus. I may as well try to channel some of my creativity and humour into something I could potentially then give as a Christmas gift.

In other news, someone on Twitter made a snide comment about religious people talking about Easter on Facebook, and I nearly had an aneurysm regarding it. I'm about as religious as a turtle, in that I grew up going to church, I have faith, but I don't necessarily follow the tenets of a conventional religion, but I *still* find it arrogant and rude for someone to tell someone else to not post about religion/religious holidays/God/Jesus/etc. in their statuses on Facebook or any other social media outlet. Where's that little freedom of religion thing in the American Constitution, hmm? I get that religious people can be excessive and annoying and preachy sometimes, but seriously, person who shall remain nameless, cram it up your hole.

Ruy says I wasn't allowed to post that on Twitter. I *was* however allowed to post that someone was wrong on the internet, and that my feelings were hurt. Like, heaven forbid I should celebrate a religious holiday (twice, in my case), and remark about the dinner on Twitter. It's a free country. Also, hi, person who shall remain nameless, even were it *not* a free country, I don't live in your country. In my country, we do things a little differently. *sigh*

I don't know whether it's because I was raised Christian, or I'm just feeling exceptionally picked on lately, but that really bothered me. I have issues with the Catholic church, I have issues with Evangelical fundies, I have issues with a lot of what conventional religion puts forth, but I don't go around whacking people when they say "Jesus is the reason for the season," at Christmas, or "He is risen," at Easter (...indeed, He is risen). Partly, because it rolls so delightfully off the tongue (especially in Ukrainian and Romanian), and partly because, hey, it's what they believe. Are they trying to convert you? No. Are they discussing choices made regarding your life and/or body? Not in this case. So, person who shall not be named, kindly keep your bigotry to yourself.

...I'm not actually sure how religious turtles are. My guess is, about as much as I wrote they were above. I know there's a tree religion. Of course, I read about that one in a Discworld novel, so perhaps it's a shade inaccurate.

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