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Birthdate:Jun 7
Location:New West, Canada
Website:My non-getyourwordsout LJ
Not actually a warchief. For the sheer insanity that is getyourwordsout 2011!

name: rin/cat/catherine/thrin
age: 29
d.o.b.: 07.june.1985
location: new westminster, b.c., canada

Simply put, I'm just your average (well, better than average) 29-year-old Canadian female. I graduated in April of 2009 from the University of British Columbia, with a BSc, Major Computer Science, Minor Psychology. If I ever went back to get a Masters degree, it would likely be in Psychology. Ditto, the PhD. Right now, however, I don't have any plans to go back to school. Lies, all lies. I want to go back to school.

I do have plans to own a bicycle, and to ride that bicycle around town.

I'm homoflexible; my spouse is male. It's complicated and likely none of your business. I firmly believe that you fall in love with a person, and not a gender. However, breasts are really quite nice.

I have strong opinions, and we probably won't always agree. I don't argue on other people's journals regarding my opinions unless I am directly provoked, so feel free to express whatever weird/strange/awesome opinions you like on your own journals, but respect the fact that I will do the same on mine.

I support gay marriage, LGBT rights, and the NDP. I am staunchly pro-choice. I dislike discrimination based on anything, and if you use the r-word anywhere *near* my journal, expect to be banned and hard. Also, if you're doing anything evil that ends in -ism, expect to be booted. These are my hot-button issues. No, I don't care to have my mind changed. Thank you.

My journal is Friends Only, purely because I know that someday, someone I know will stumble upon this journal, and think I've lost what's left of my sanity.

However, feel free to friend me, as I'll almost always friend back.

Also, I 'ship. If this poses problems for you, I suggest you point yourself in another direction.

To the people that do 'ship: We won't always agree, 'ship-wise, but I'm always open to hearing another point of view. So, even if we don't share 'ships, feel free to friend anyway.

'Ships I support (or have supported at some time or another):
Alex Guarnaschelli/Geoffrey Zakarian => Iron Chef America/Next Iron Chef/Chopped
Antonia Lofaso/Alton Brown => Cutthroat Kitchen
Tom Colicchio/Gail Simmons => Top Chef
Amanda Freitag/Marc Murphy => Chopped
Sandra Pullman/Gerry Standing => New Tricks
Cal/Gillian => Lie To Me
Lord Vetinari/Lady Margolotta => Discworld
Sir Samuel Vimes, Duke of Ankh/Her Ladyship Sybil Vimes => Discworld
Moist von Lipwig/Adorabelle Dearheart => Discworld
Carrot/Angua => Discworld
The Doctor/Rose => Doctor Who
Thrall/Aggra => World of Warcraft
Thrall/Jaina => World of Warcraft
Lisbon/Jane => The Mentalist
Parker/Hardison => Leverage
Nate/Sophie => Leverage
Mulder/Scully => The X-Files
Helen/John => Sanctuary
Helen/John/Nikola/James => Sanctuary
Declan/James => Sanctuary
Kate/Henry => Sanctuary
Helen/Kate => Sanctuary
Helen/Will => Sanctuary
Helen/Tesla => Sanctuary
Ashley/Tesla => Sanctuary
Ashley/Will => Sanctuary
Ashley/Kate => Sanctuary
Abby/Ziva => NCIS
Tony/Ziva => NCIS
Keller/McKay => Stargate Atlantis
Jack/Liz => 30 Rock
Liz/Gretchen => 30 Rock
Torres/Loker => Lie to Me
Beckett/Castle => Castle
Roslin/Adama => Battlestar Galactica
Kara/Lee => Battlestar Galactica (but only on Tuesdays)
Sam/Jack => Stargate SG-1
Megan/Kate => Body of Proof
Tonks/Lupin => Harry Potter
Harry/Ginny => Harry Potter
Ron/Hermione => Harry Potter
Neville/Luna => Harry Potter
George/Luna => Harry Potter
Snape/Hermione => Harry Potter
Draco/Hermione => Harry Potter
Cuddy/Cameron => House, M.D.
Daniel/Janet => Stargate SG-1
Sheppard/Weir => Stargate Atlantis
Weir/Teyla => Stargate Atlantis
McKay/Weir => Stargate Atlantis
Sheppard/Teyla => Stargate Atlantis
Lorne/Novak => Stargate Atlantis
Grissom/Sara => CSI
Booth/Brennan => Bones
Angela/Hodgins => Bones
Tempe/Cally => Fandom High (fandomhigh)
Tempe/Sawyer => Fandom High (fandomhigh)
Janet/Liz => Fandom High (fandomhigh)
Kate/Gibbs => NCIS
Harm/Mac => JAG
House/Cameron => House, M.D.
Goren/Eames => Law & Order: Criminal Intent
John/Aeryn => Farscape
Hawkeye/Margaret => M*A*S*H
Beka/Dylan => Andromeda
Jack/Claire => Law & Order
Elliott/Olivia => Law & Order: SVU
Sue/Jack => Sue Thomas
Odo/Kira => ST:DS9
Riker/Troi => ST:TNG
Picard/Crusher => ST:TNG
Janeway/Chakotay => ST:Voyager
T'Pol/Trip => Enterprise
Woody/Jordan => Crossing Jordan
Lily/Bug => Crossing Jordan
Lily/Garrett => Crossing Jordan
Kerry/Sandy => ER
Cordano (Corday/Romano) => ER

I have a small, very tiny, completely manageable, addiction to The Sims 2 & 3 and World of Warcraft. Expect rambling.

Lightman/Foster moodtheme courtesy of the incredibly awesome and talented stefany0503 and 5th_muse. All praise them!

Marriage is love.

Interests (120):

alex guarnaschelli, alton brown, amanda freitag, amanda redman, amanda tapping, amintiri din epoca-de-aur, antonia lofaso, as time goes by, astronomy, bicycles, blue jello, british comedy, bunnies, cal/gillian, canada, canadian television, castle, chopped, christopher heyerdahl, colin mochrie, coronation street, crocheting, csi, curling, cutthroat kitchen, discworld, doctor who, douglas coupland, electronica, fanfiction, fangirling quietly, farscape, fawlty towers, felicity kendal, food network, gail simmons, geeklove, geoffrey zakarian, gillian anderson, good neighbors, grammar, grapefruit spoons, great big sea, gred and forge, harry potter, hating mushed ship names, hawkeye pierce, hot lips houlihan, html, hugh laurie, iron chef america, jill hennessy, kelli williams, kittens, languages, law & order, leverage, lord of the rings, lorne/novak, m*a*s*h, marc murphy, margaret houlihan, marina sirtis, mario kart, ministry of magic, muse, mythbusters, mythology, ndp, neon, noble gas compounds, penelope keith, pitchforks, popples, programming, punky brewster, qi, reading, red dwarf, replicarter, replicators, riddletm, rock band, romanian, roxette, ryan stiles, sam/jack, sanctuary, sara sidle, sarcasm, science fiction, sim legacies, sim storytelling, simon and garfunkel, simpsons, sims 2, singing, star trek, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, strong bad, survivorman, tales of a golden-age, team colours, teryl rothery, tetris, the butterbeer experience, the hermione crookshanks experience, the hobbit, the letter x, tim roth, tom colicchio, tonks and the aurors, top chef, wizard rock, women, writing, x-files, xenon, yoshi
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