Feb. 3rd, 2011

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I'm pretty sure it's considered weird to tap the rhythm of a song out on your computer keyboard. Especially when you're actually trying to read through something, and keeping tapping right past it, to keep up with the song. Such are the perils of listening to music while reading Google Reader. It can't be weirder than jamming earphones in your ears and shutting out the sounds of "The Boxer" by Simon & Garfunkel, with the sounds of "The Boxer" by Simon & Garfunkel (but louder, and from your computer, you see).

Today has been a real trial of my patience. I got to sleep in, which was a real piece of peace. But then when I woke up, none of my limbs would coordinate, so getting dressed took some veritable effort. I took the bus back to my alma mater for the first time in nearly two years, so that I could catch another bus to my doctor's office. I got tangled up in my Tesla biography (and I've only just arrived at the Foreword) and nearly missed my stop. I waited at London Drugs for Ruy to arrive, and only realized at 10 past noon that I was late meeting him, even though I'd gotten to the area early. What can I say? I found a book in the book aisle about cats and got a little too caught up in it.

The appointment went fine, and I have painkillers for Europe. These are all very good things. I aired my grievances about the stupid dietitian, I got the results of my radioactivity test back (bile salt malabsorption - try googling that and see if the results don't either confuse or frighten you).

From there, I went downtown and swam through molasses. By this, I mean that all of my muscles refused to cooperate and I trudged all the way to Safeway and nearly collapsed when I got there. I put in the prescription for my painkillers, and waited. While waiting, I talked to my mom, who was in a foul mood. This is unfortunate, because I was feeling quite out of sorts at the time and kind of needed a friendly voice, not someone who would yell at me. I mean, she didn't exactly yell, but she didn't quite tone down the irritation in her voice either. I tried not to take it personally, mostly because I was too damn exhausted to take anything any way. I picked up the painkillers, as well as my refills of various medications to take to Europe, and trudged to the bus stop. I took the bus up Robson, because there was no way in hell I was going to be able to make it all the way back up, without booking in at a hotel along the way. Which wouldn't have mattered, because they're all at the top of the damn hill anyway.

I spent a good 5 hours in Starbucks, where I don't particularly remember doing anything productive. I spent a lot of time looking up bile salt malabsorption, the rest trying not to fall asleep, and the last couple of hours realizing that the reason I felt like I was swimming through molasses was because I *was* swimming through molasses - in the sense that I hadn't had any coffee, not that Starbucks suddenly had a molasses-related flood, which actually might have brightened my day somewhat. I did end up having coffee and feeling the better for it.

I trekked off to Chapters to pick up some well-deserved Terry Pratchett books, and started walking in the vague direction of the theatre to meet Ruy. I got all the way to Robson and Seymour before Ruy called me, asking if I could meet him at Granville. I was tempted to complain about all the backtracking I would have to do. It was a terribly good thing I didn't complain, as Seymour is *one* street past Granville, something I hadn't thought about while talking to Ruy.

We met and made our way to the theatre, where we were seeing Avenue Q. I was terribly excited, because I figured I would never get to see it. We picked up our tickets (and they were *good* tickets), checked our coats and bags, got something to drink, and headed in the direction of where we were sitting.

Can I just say right now that Avenue Q is possibly the best thing ever? I love the Sesame Street parallels. I loved the songs, most of which I already knew from when the recording came out, and surprisingly, so did Ruy. Ruy isn't a big fan of musicals, but even he agreed that it was worth it. Best Groundhog Day present ever!

Speaking of which, does anyone know if the groundhog saw his shadow? I didn't even realize that yesterday *was* Groundhog Day until today when I was looking for e-cards for Mariana's birthday.

We ate before returning home, which was ill-advised and yet delicious. We sang "It's Over" on the bus, all the way home, much to the chagrin of our fellow passengers, and possibly the bus driver. I hope they all went home with the song in their heads. I figure we shouldn't have to suffer alone. We finally arrived home and pretty much collapsed into bed.

I woke up this morning with Ruy (surprisingly, as I was going to sleep in), promptly forgot that it was Mariana's birthday (for which I felt enormously bad, because I was leaving, and she thought I'd be around all day, and... yeah), remembered, then felt guilty.

Ruy and I grabbed the bus together, although he left me partway through to catch another bus to work, and I had to wrestle my backpack and duffle on wheels. A very nice lady helped me carry my backpack to the Skytrain station when we got there. Also, I was tremendously confused, because they don't actually mention that the stop is the Skytrain station, just "N. Grandview Hwy," which isn't terribly helpful. I caught the Skytrain almost immediately, made my way to Lougheed Mall, waited for my dad, and went home. Well, went home after coffee and grocery shopping, anyway.

Upon finally arriving home, I got to see the cats for the first time in just under a week. Tessa demanded cuddles, and I could hear Pegasus demanding cuddles in the other room, as if she could hear Tessa's fur being stroked. After a good, long cuddle with Tessa, I went to pick my little rift in time and space, who was mostly happy to see me. Upon seeing each other (despite spending all week together), the two immediately launched into a small brawl, done as if especially for my arrival. I took a nap this afternoon, after sending some e-cards to Mariana from me, my parents, the cats and Hopper. I woke up to my mom stressing out about work, from a dream about (possibly) Jack the Ripper losing his contact lenses and I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

Mashed potatoes and chocolate milk for dinner, and so far I haven't thrown anything up.

Why do I feel like I can hear cicadas? This is neither the season, nor the area. I mean, really.

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