Feb. 11th, 2011

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Oh my god, I can't breathe. The chest funk is clearing up, but it has evidently headed straight for both my throat and my nose. Especially my nose. I think my sinuses may literally be on fire. I would not be surprised. I woke up this morning with what felt like a sharp stick jammed up my left nostril, and it more or less has not abated since then. I went up to the clinic to see about my throat and ears this morning. The doctor said that at this point, it's likely viral, but since I'm leaving next week and it could turn into an infection, he gave me antibiotics. Which should also fix sinus infections. I fucking hate my sinuses. Damn them right to hell. Whyyyyy must they hurt? Whyyyy?

Experience would indicate that you can only write about a certain topic for so long. In this case, my sinuses. Experience is wrong. I can keep talking about my sinuses until the cows come home. Ow. My nose. Ow. My nose. It's... not good. There was this brief five minutes where I was in the shower, and I could breathe, and everything. Now, I'm back out, and the pressure is like somebody is stabbing the hell out of my left nostril. I'm tempted to actually jam a pen up there and hope actually stabbing it will fix it. Which reminds me of when I was at the clinic this morning and told my dad that if he lent me a pen, I would jam it up my nose to relieve the sinus pressure. To my utmost surprise, he handed me a pen. I didn't stick it up my nose, but was surprised that he would let me.

After the clinic, we went up to Starbucks where some WASPish ladies were sitting discussing how much they loved Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which earned them such a glare from me, I may have left a hole in the side of the building. I asked for the pen again, and my dad almost gave it to me until he figured out whose nose I was going to stick it up. I mean, not only is being gay entirely legal here, being married and gay and gay-married is ALSO LEGAL. Talk about being in the entirely wrong country while you complain. I wasn't allowed to be loudly bitter about it, despite how loud they were being, and despite the fact that they were essentially spouting hate speech right next to me. Sometimes I really hate people.

It's funny how little CSI I've watched in the past few years, and how *many* I've watched just this season. I have to admit that, despite years and years of bumps in the road, I'm kind of happy with where the show went. Sure, it meant that people had to leave, but it's been so *nice*. Maybe I just say that because I enjoy seeing Jorja Fox on my TV again, and also knowing how much happier Sara is as a character now that things have finally been figured out. Also, I like that Laurence Fishburne didn't come in to replace anybody. Although, the character he plays is just a touch too close to Morpheus for me to not call this, at least in part, type-casting. He's also a damn fine specimen to look at every week. Quiet. He turns 50 this year. That puts him right in my age bracket for men.

Also, I'm not sure how recent a development this is, or whether it's a once-off, or whether it's been going on for awhile, but Katee Sackhoff is on CSI now, and she makes a delicious homicide detective. She makes a delicious everything, but it's weird seeing her outside of being a viper pilot. I *am* still trying to figure out what colour her hair is supposed to be, however. It's red, but not exactly a natural shade of red. Anyway, she looks *good*. I would not be averse to writing some backstory for her character. Or some forestory. Or some currentstory. And I swear I'll get right on that, after this cold starts to get better. Really, as soon as my sinuses show signs of not killing me. Perhaps it'll give me something to do on the plane. Good idea, or good idea? That's what I thought.

My sinuses are draining. Ish. I could do with a little more draining, a little faster, and not all over my hands/keyboard. Really, I will just settle for not having a stick up my nose tonight. Deal? Deal.

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